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Rejection From Friends  


At times, we find our friends ignoring/ avoiding us for various reasons, some known and some unknown. While the known reasons can be tackled with, the unknown reasons too need to be sorted. Friends are an integral part of our lives, and hence, it is important to understand why they are feeling a particular way and work on it.

Following are the tips to Confront Friends Who Are Ignoring You:

1. Evaluate your interactions with your friend(s) and make sure that they are actually ignoring you: You might just be over-analyzing the situation and thinking that they are ignoring you, when really, they are going through something else in their life that has affected all of their friendships.

2. Choose a strategy: Is it just a single friend who has started to ignore you, or is it a group of friends?

a.For a single friend : You may like to approach your friend during a quiet time when your friend is not around other people. Try to get your friend alone for a talk.

b. For a group of friends: Select the most sensitive friend. This means to choose the friend you know is most likely to be feeling unhappy about snubbing you and get him or her to spill the beans away from the group.

3. Ask them what's wrong: Don't cry, wring your hands and beg. Just be straightforward and tell them that you simply want to understand why they no longer appear to want your friendship.

4. Accept that they might or might not tell you: Sometimes a friend outgrows a friend. This can be a horrible lesson to face in life and sadly, some people are not well-socialized enough to be open and honest about changes in their feelings about a friendship.

5. Remember that sometimes they may be ignoring you because you have upset them: This is more likely to happen with a single friend, although if you upset a key member of a group the rest of the group can react to it.

6. Try to make new friends and leave your old friends alone for a while: When you aren't around anymore, they might realise that you are upset at them. If they try to talk to you, don't be difficult with them. They might have been ignoring you for a good reason.

7. Even if you may be feeling angry, don't look like you are angry:This shows your friends that you are not trying to address the issue with them and that you just don’t care. Just take deep breaths and then address the situation with a calm mind.

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