Work Related Issues

Facing Problems with Co-Workers  

Facing problems with Co-Workers

Jobs take up a big part of our days. Other than sleep, work takes up most of our time. With so much time spent on an activity, who needs the problem of a difficult co-worker? Going to work each day and facing a toxic co-worker adds to your stress level, making it more difficult to get your job done. Even personality clashes and different work habits can affect the quality of the work day. Learning how to tolerate a difficult and challenging co-worker will make you a better employee and make your job a whole lot easier.

1. Greet all your co-workers in a friendly manner, even the difficult co-worker who makes you grit your teeth.

2. Tolerate co-workers who are different from you by appreciating the differences:-. Think about how boring life would be if we all acted the same.

3. Be patient and tolerant by remembering that you have "off days" yourself, and you may not have been the best with others.

4. Take a deep breath and be patient in your work relationships:-. Someone who rubs you the wrong way probably doesn't mean to annoy you.

5. Give work relationships time to settle:- . Sometimes, difficulties getting along with co-workers are based on bad first impressions. Your co-worker may have been acting from nervousness or either one of you could have just been having a bad day.

6. Avoid office politics when at all possible:-. Although often easier said than done, it aids in getting along with co-workers in the long run.

7. Keep complaints to yourself, if possible:-. Complaining or gossiping about a toxic co-worker only adds to the tension in the office and makes you appear unprofessional. If you can't keep quiet, either:
a. Discuss the problem directly with the difficult co-worker b. Talk to your boss about your problems in being able to tolerate co-workers. Be wary of things backfiring and leaving your boss with the idea that you're the problem

8. Keep your focus on your job:-. Some people like to talk non-stop while working, others don't.If you don't want to talk, either nod smile & ignore, or explain to a difficult co-worker that you need to concentrate on your work.

9. Maintain work relationships by only engaging in meaningless chatter at break time, not work time. Avoiding controversial topics such as politics, family values and religion might make it easier to interact with difficult co-workers.

10. Put yourself in a difficult co-worker's shoes. Sometimes, getting along with co-workers is easier when we take the time to look at life from their perspectives:-
Is your co-worker overwhelmed? Perhaps he or she is juggling personal problems with a stressful job. Try doing something kind for this person like bringing cookies or giving a compliment. A little kindness goes a long way in work relationships.

11. Confront a difficult co-worker who is talking about you behind your back. Talk to the person privately, even away from the office, if possible. Be honest without appearing that you're in attack mode.

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