Being an introvert by nature, it has never been easy for me to open up but from my first visit, Dr Rachna made me feel right at home. She gave me the tools I needed to get from where I was to a healthier, happier point.

I visited Dr Rachna during a particularly stressful time of my life, She helped me see things in a new light that has truly been life changing.

My husband of 20 years and I were going through a rough patch in our marriage, Dr Rachna not only helped us to get through it but now we are in an even better space than we were before.

I am a high school student and I was terrified of exams to the level that I had a nervous breakdown before every exam, I had a lot of academic stress and often could not cope. Dr Rachna taught me how to cope.

My wife cheated on me repeatedly and I was absolutely heartbroken, Dr Rachna helped me to move on and helped me through this dark phase of my life.

I was feeling extremely low and and didn’t feel like interacting with people and going out anymore, Dr Rachna helped me with my social anxiety and helped me feel like myself again.

I have severe PCOD which causes extreme mood swings and increase in weight. Dr. Rachna helped me in getting over with my insecurities regarding my weight issues and helped me regulate my mood.

I had just given my exams for my first year in university and realized that my interest actually lies in something completely opposite to my existing course but my parents were not agreeing to it. Dr. Rachna helped me to be determined about my decision and do what is beneficial for me.

My parents were going through a divorce and I was deeply disturbed by it, I started substance abuse and started slipping in depression. Dr Rachna helped me to get through it and gradually I stopped using and started loving myself and helped me accept my parent’s changing relationship more gracefully.

Dr Rachna is a great listener! She's very welcoming, understanding, and insightful. She definitely sets you at ease and made me feel comfortable with expressing my feelings & issues.

Me and my wife were going through a lot for an year, I heard her on the radio talking about relationships and I discussed it with my wife and decided to visit her. Quite honestly it helped us understand our situation better. I would recommend her to people who go through these kinds of issues.

My parents didn’t pay much attention to me when I was a kid and this got me into a lot of trouble, bad scores at school etc. I didn’t know if I should seek help until I was in college, one of my professor asked me to visit Dr. Rachna once and its been better since then, it helped me a lot in life and I still visit her.

I have a corporate job and it was so difficult to maintain a balance. Not being able to give time to my family, kids and myself was not a good time to go through. I read Dr. Rachna’s articles online and I felt the need to visit her once. Her counselling sessions helped me find ways in which I could spend quality time with my family and find the right balance. Thankyou Dr. Rachna, it was really helpful!

I was going through an abusive relationship that made me aggressive. I would get angry with petty things and it was affecting my work and family also. My family and friends insisted me to visit Dr. Rachna and it helped me a lot. Since her expert relationship advice, I’ve been able to stay calm and handle my relationship better. Thank you Dr. Rachna for your help!

Her advice-filled sessions helped me find ways in which I could spend quality time with my family and find the right balance. Thank you, Dr. Rachna, it was really helpful!

Cold feet is not an easy time to go through before marriage and I wasn’t even sure about a lot of things in life generally so I visited Dr. Rachna’s clinic and it helped me figure out many things. I owe it all to Dr. Rachna, where I initially started going for my individual sessions and eventually for pre-marital sessions. And I’m so thankful, that I went since it cleared all my doubts and made me enter this new phase of life with happiness and positivity. Today I am happily married and I owe it all to my sessions.

My partner and I had been together for a short period of time, but we felt like we should get married. However, I have often seen that rushed marriages often fail. To clear our doubts we approached Dr. Rachna. With her help, we were able to clear our doubts and discuss our future plans. The help from ma’am has been instrumental for our blossoming relationship.

My past two relationships were very bad. I was cheated on multiple times. It affected me a lot. I had severe trust issues and started doubting my self-worth. It affected my confidence, I sought help from Dr. Rachna. Her sessions & advice have helped me overcome these issues. I highly recommend this clinic.

My wife and I were facing a lot of problems in our marriage. So a friend of mine recommended us to visit the Mind and Wellness studio. Dr rachna helped us solve our issues. All thanks to her we were able to save our marriage. We are doing so much better since the sessions.

I was addicted to drugs since my high school days and when my parents found out a year later I was devastated. They forced me to seek different medical expertise but I always managed to escape them. But last year, on the recommendation of my relatives I visited Dr. Rachna. And the experience has been nothing like before & I feel healed. I look forward to the sessions now.

o I was in a lot of stress and confusion regarding my sexuality. Dr rachna helped me find myself.

o I was suffering from intermittent panic attacks for the past two years. I had visited numerous doctors but nothing seemed to help. Then a friend recommended Mind and Wellness studio. With Dr.Rachna’s help I have been able to recover. Im doing better now and I owe it all to ma’am.

o I was going through a rough patch in my life, my wife recommended Dr. Rachna I really didn’t believe in counselling at first but then I attended 3-4 sessions, and it really helped my anxiety and stress. I’m mentally better now and I still visit her.

o I was having a lot of stress because of my work and my friends suggested that I meet an expert. At first, I was not sure but Dr. Rachna was very warm and approachable. I am now better at managing the demands that are made on me and my friends have also seen the progress I have made..

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