Peer Relations



A little bit of peer pressure is common, but once this becomes emotionally or physically abusive, it is known as bullying and is extremely unhealthy for the mental and physical health of the victim. It is important to step up and take action against bullying.


1. Consider standing up to your bully. Have the courage to tell them that what they are doing is wrong and that you do not like it. This may be risky if your bully is violent, so be careful.

2. If you are getting bullied, tell someone - whether it’s your parents, teachers or principal. It is best to let adults intervene so that the situation doesn't get messier.

3. Don't show a bully you are afraid of them or annoyed by them. This just give them what they are looking for - a reason to cause pain to other people

4. If things get out of hand and if you do not want to involve your parents or school authorities, consider getting in touch with a doctor or specialist.

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