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Lack of Recognition of Work  

Lack of recognition of Work

Do you sometimes feel that your hard work is "invisible"?

Perhaps you do such good work on a regular basis that your manager takes you for granted and because of this, you're no longer recognized and rewarded for your efforts, as you once were. However, this is not an ideal situation. For sometimes, out of sight may lead to out of mind. You might be the hardest worker in your organization, and the one everyone wants on their team - but if you're not in people's thoughts, then you'll be passed up for new projects, additional responsibilities, awards, and promotions.That's why you need to be visible at work!

Let's look at some strategies that you can use to get noticed in the workplace.

1. Developing Specialist Skills:- New businesses often hire generalists, because they can perform in so many different roles. As organizations grow, however, specialists are often hired to focus on key areas. This may leave the hard-working generalists feeling pushed aside and disempowered. If you're a generalist, think strategically about what types of skills your organization needs. Work on building these skills to become a specialist. The more knowledgeable and skilful you become in a particular area, the more likely you are to be noticed for your work.

2. Building a Network:- Essentially, if you help people out when they need assistance, then people will help you out too.And if you take time to build and nurture relationship with the people around you, you'll build a network of "allies" who can help you get assigned to interesting, significant, or eye-catching projects that might otherwise go to someone else. They may also recommend you to other departments, which can open up opportunities that might not have been available to you without their recommendation. Build a network of alliances within your department, with other departments, and with the executive team or board. Try to get assigned to teams that involve a wide variety of people. This can help you build your reputation , and make important friendships.

3. Tracking Your Accomplishments:- When you're working hard, it's easy to forget all your achievements over the last 6 to 12 months. This won't help when it's time for your performance review. Keep track of all your accomplishments within the organization. If clients or colleagues give you compliments, write them down. If the compliment came in an email, print it. If you exceeded last quarter's sales goals, get the paperwork that proves it. Put all of these great compliments and achievements in a file, and bring the file to your performance review. This gives you hard evidence to prove to your boss what a great job you're doing.

4. Getting Out of the Shadows:- Sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, your manager or colleagues may present your ideas as their own.However, if you want to get noticed, you must receive credit for your ideas.If this happens to you, first find out if it's also happening to anyone else. Often, a colleague or boss "borrows" ideas from several people, not just one. One way to discover this is by simply watching other people's body language around this person.
If your colleague or manager is taking credit for only your work, but no one else's, then document it every time it occurs. If practical, "watermark" your work whenever you can (this is a feature in some word processing software packages). If the person claims your ideas as their own in a meeting, gently but firmly correct the misstatement.

5. Taking on More Responsibilities:- You can also get noticed by your manager and other executives by taking on more responsibilities whenever possible.This doesn't mean that you should overwork yourself! But if you see a new project or role that will help you expand your skills, take advantage of it. Do this, particularly if it's one that has high visibility within the organization, or has a significant impact on the bottom line.

6. More Tips on Getting Noticed:-
Here are a few more ideas for getting the people you work with to notice you:
a. Make sure you're visible - Spend a few minutes every day greeting and talking with your co-workers. A simple smile can help tremendously. Also, try to speak face-to-face to colleagues from time to time, instead of sending emails or instant messages.

b. Praise others - If you have a colleague who works as hard as you, then praise the person in front of your manager. Be specific and sincere about what the person is doing.

c. Stay updated on your industry - Read trade newsletters or other relevant materials that keep you up-to-date on trends and technology. You never know when this information will be valuable.

d. Find a mentor - Mentors can offer valuable advice and career coaching. The chances are that the mentor has been through the same situations that you're experiencing, and can help you navigate through them successfully.

e. Get involved with your organization's charity events - Volunteering for these activities - like running in a race or coaching a children's team - can help you build your network within the organization.

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