"The Mind & Wellness Studio" is an organization that aims at creating positive changes in the lives of everyone, in order to ensure holistic health for a better tomorrow.

Our Motto :- We ensure that each individual taps into his highest potential through healthier life style choices, by exercising his body and stretching his mind and imagination!


Skype Counselling

To suit the needs of those who travel a lot, stay far away or are busy to come to the hospital or clinic, we offer counselling over Skype.

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CORPORATE WORKSHOPS : Through our corporate workshops we offer a Wellness Programa through which we aim to create positive changes in the lives and working styles of your employees.

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Employee Assistance Program

Employees are the foundation of any organisation. A good WELLNESS PROGRAM (mental, emotional & physical) only makes them more competent, confident and productive!.

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Couple Counselling

Marriage provides people with a sense of belonging, support, security and responsibility.NO MARRIAGE IS FREE OF CONFLICT. All married couples will deal with conflict.

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One On One Counselling

From career Counselling to relationships, parent child to teenage, psychological issues to addictions and even areas like medical illness and old age- Counselling is an umbrella term that covers all areas of life.

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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are a standard and scientific method used to measure individual’s mental capabilities and behavioral style.

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