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In these unparalleled times brought about by Covid-19, we are all facing challenges and setbacks in various aspects of our lives. Stress levels have risen dramatically worldwide as we cope with the economic crunch and juggling our personal lives as well as our work ones as the lockdown forces them to merge. Whether it’s mental health issues, work stress or obstacles in relationships, our Covid Compilation of articles covers a wide range of topics, offering you useful tips to get through this time.


While fear, stress and anxiety are normal reactions or actual or perceived threat, they may pose a harmful long-term effect if left unaddressed. The global pandemic has forced us into an unprecedented way of living. In addition to the uncertainty and stress of the outbreak, social isolation during quarantine can take a serious mental toll causing loneliness anxiety and depressive symptoms. Moreover, those already dealing with mental health issues are at a greater risk due to social isolation and a drastic change in their daily routines. While it is not uncommon to harbour feelings of loneliness or purposelessness during these times, taking to ineffective coping methods such as excessive social media usage, binge eating or smoking can lead to a worsened mental and physical state including disruptive sleep. Hence, we have compiled tips on how to manage difficult emotions and various mental issues during lockdown such as stress, loneliness, anxiety and depression. In addition, if you are struggling with the toxic trend of constant productivity during lockdown and overwhelming online content, we are here to help you with the digital detox. Even with sound mental health, the lockdown can feel tedious. For that, we have compiled tips on establishing a routine and taking the monotony out of daily chores as well as practicing self-care, that is essential now more than ever.
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In these unprecedented times of economic stagnation and compromised job security, tapping into your motivation to work can be difficult. In the midst of fear, stress and anxiety, maintaining productivity during the pandemic is a struggle. Moreover, the lockdown has blurred the lines between our work and our personal lives. With increased responsibility of household chores and challenges of sharing your living space all day, work-life balance is a challenge now more than ever. If this is something you have been struggling with during this quarantine, check out our articles on how to remain focused while juggling your personal life without straining your mental health. In addition, find tips on how to maximise your productivity while avoiding burnout from work-related stress.
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Time in quarantine may mean spending more time with others for some and less for others. Having to share your living space while stuck at home all day can be challenging, even if it’s a loved one. While for some, lockdown has resulted in spending quality time with family and partners, for some it has been hindering or worsened already strained relationships. Factors such as distribution of household chores, varying work hours and routines can cause disagreements. Especially those quarantined with abusive family members or partners are in an extremely vulnerable position. On the other hand, those who are away from their loved ones may struggle to feel and remain connected, distance being another cause for strain. This may especially cause challenges in romantic relationships, worsening already strained relationships such as those on the verge of separation. Hence, we have compiled tips on how to make the most of the lockdown with loved ones whilst respecting each other’s routine and doing your bit. In addition, we offer useful tips on how to stay digitally connected with those dear to us while minimising the effect on your mental health.
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