1. CORPORATE WORKSHOPS :- Through our corporate workshops we offer an Employee Wellness program through which we aim to create positive changes in the lives and working styles of your employees. Its offers them scientific yet individualized solutions to the common ailments of modern day working ensures that your work force is happy, healthy and consequently more productive than ever!

2. WORKSHOPS IN SCHOOLS/INSTITUTES :- Through our school and institute outreach program we focus on the holistic development of a child by undertaking assessments, child guidance & counselling and trainings for students, teachers and parents. Some of the areas that we cover include:

a. FOR STUDENTS :- Mental gymnasium, mind-body stretches, brain gym, academic enhancement, career counselling.

b. FOR TEACHERS :- Positive teaching skills, communication skills training, interpersonal skills training, enhancing emotional quotient, overview of stress management & health management, special sensitisation module for teacher.

c. FOR PARENTS :- Bringing up a dream child, aptitude & career counselling, stress & lifestyle management, family's involvement in education.

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