“Establishing a Good Bond With Kids  


Sometimes loving your child is just not enough. Sometimes they will need you to show them how to handle things, or to pick them up when they have fallen, just like when they were younger. Some of the daily tips which may help you bond with the kids include:


1. Spend time together at the beginning of the day, whether over the breakfast table or driving your teen to school on your way to work. Use the time to check-in with your child and see how she/he's doing by asking open-ended questions that encourage conversation, such as "What is your class doing in the science lab these days?" or "Tell me about the part you're playing in the spring play."

2. Incorporate the teaching of skills into household chores and responsibilities. Encourage your child to take on more responsibilities around the house, while teaching her/him how to do tasks she/he's shown an interest in, such as gardening, yard work or cooking.

3.Attend your child's activities when possible, and praise her/his efforts and accomplishments verbally. Recognize your child's efforts specifically to show you're really paying attention. Say "You played excellent defence during the second quarter and kept the other team from scoring" instead of saying "You're a really good football player."

4. Participate in fun activities with your child, to enjoy destressing and laughing together. Sign-up for a park district class for a sport, hobby or activity you both enjoy, or let your child pick the activity. Extend the fun to regular family activities, such as family game night or day trips.

5. Enlist your child's help when planning family vacations. Ask for his/her input or put his/her talents to work on finding activities the entire family can enjoy together once there. Provide opportunities that promote greater responsibility and involvement, to boost your teen's self-esteem and encourage an atmosphere of value and trust.

6. Eat dinner together as a family, as often as possible. Take turns sharing about your day, and actively listen to your teen as he recaps his/her day. Schedule family meals in advance if your work schedule and teen's activity schedule makes eating together a challenge.

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