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Every relationship goes through its own crests and trenches, cathartic instances and even reaches the point when two people begin hating each other. But, it is all temporary. Love is complicated. And relationship is not two people romancing on a bed of roses. However, trust and faithfulness are meant to be intrinsic in a relationship, especially romantic.

How wonderful and heart-melting it is, when he says that he loves you. You want to believe it right away, without thinking twice. The need to belong, and be accepted is basic and inherent in all human beings, however, solely trusting people on face value and believing their blissful words can lead you into jeopardy, and even heart-break.

I LOVE YOU. As much as meaningful and life-turning these words sound, they may be said with a completely hollow heart as well.

Call it moral doctrine, or anciently instilled values, but fidelity in a relationship is something, which binds the relationship. For many, especially women, infidelity or cheating by a spouse can be devastating, even fatal.

But what causes one to cheat? Situational factors? Individual characteristics? Do demographics play a role? Is the person being cheated upon in anyway responsible? What traits of a relationship compel one of the partners to "fish" elsewhere? Can you avoid unfaithfulness and temptation? If you've been victimized, how do you cope?

Infidelity is a social phenomenon of alarmingly high rates that is shattering relationships, marriages and families! In other words, Infidelity is the induced trauma caused by any form of sexual/ emotional betrayal in a romantic relationship. Even though none of us are unaware about the trauma one goes through having been cheated upon, yet there are no LAWS, which support the effected spouse.

As a result of which many men/ women who cheat their spouses/ partners often go scot free leaving their spouse in a hurt, shattered and lonely state.

Through our initiative we aim to bring together Lawyers, Social Activists, Media Activists and Psychologists who seek to help individuals and couples by offering a supportive community, and information that will help them guide through and cope with the emotional rollercoaster which often follows an act of being cheated upon and help them get justice.

What comprises of infidelity?

1. What constitutes as an act of infidelity is dependent upon the exclusivity of expectations within the relationship (Barta & Kiene, 2005)

2. Flirting, talking dirty, "sexting"

3. Emotionally depending on another person except your partner

4. Physical intimacy with one or more individuals of another or same gender


What made him do this? Why did she take such a step? Was it my fault? Infidelity in a relationship is one of the most heart aching experiences, especially if it was not anticipated. With statistics about cheating and adultery rising day after day, it would be no exaggeration to say that a lot more people are avoiding the path of loyalty. The reasons why people cheat could range from lust to casualness to even boredom. Your partner could cheat also because his expectations from the relationship are not being fulfilled. Sometimes it also happens because of guilt, feeling that he/she is not worth the love that you are providing, or even because they think they made a wrong choice. The reason be whatever, being dumped or cheated upon always leaves a nasty scar, which is difficult to heal.


With infidelity on the high rise among dating and married couples, it has become a vital characteristic to judge your relationship to find out whether your relationship is prone to a turnover. When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, it's important to know whether you are prepared for the hills. Though trust is an important element in any relationship, it isn't quite wrong to have knowledge about your partner and the activities he/she does.

If your partner has been forgetting dates, birthdays and anniversaries, has reduced spending time with you and does not show concern for your interests lately, then it is a warning sign for you to talk about those second thoughts you might have concerning your relationship. It is better late than never to know the intentions and motives behind the behaviour that your partner has been manifesting recently.

Take time to analyse your relationship, step back and take a look at it, clear out the differences and examine. The Mind and Wellness Studio provides couple therapy and our counselling experts help the couple find out the strengths and weaknesses in the relationship and work out the existing differences.


Has your partner been behaving different lately? Do you feel that he/she is not showing concern? Cheating is often not anticipated but there could be signs that can be identified. Showing excessiveness possessiveness towards the phone, setting a password on the phone and/or laptop while there had never been one, not spending much time with family and even you, showing less concern for kids and running away from responsibilities are few of the key signs and behaviour manifested by partners who might be fishing out elsewhere.

If you feel that your partner is taking the route of unfaithfulness, it is wise to communicate your feelings and emotions with him/her. Furthermore, if your partner has been found guilty it is important to take an immediate call on whether or not you would want to continue the relationship.

The Mind and Wellness Studio provides counselling for dating and married couples. Speak to our counsellors to overcome the troubles in your relationship.

Mental state of the victim


Low self- esteem



Low self- worth

Anger, frustration


Socially incompetent

Change in eating, sleep patterns

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