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Feeling Overburdened with Work  

Feeling overburdened with work

Work overload is a major contributing factor to burnout, it's crucial you address the situation as soon as possible. But when you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious, the idea of talking to your supervisor about reducing your responsibilities might cause you even more stress. So how can you address the issue in a professional manner without suffering negative consequences?

1. Talk to Your Boss:- Set up a meeting with your boss, and prepare your discussion points ahead of time. These should include:

a. The reason for your high workload. Has a colleague been laid off? Has your department taken on more work? Have you simply bitten off more than you can chew? Whatever the reason, make sure you can explain it succinctly.

b. An overview of all the tasks you perform, as well as their value to your employer. If you feel more confident creating a written list to refer to, do so. Make sure you can elaborate and give examples when asked.

c. Pro-active strategies to remedy the situation. Whether it's delegating tasks, dropping some altogether or partnering with a colleague on important assignments, present some options that would improve your situation without adversely affecting the department.

2. Are distractions keeping you from working consistently? Emails, phone calls, audible alerts, chatter and noise. We work in a hub of audial and visual stimulation that could distract even the most focused person.

3. Are you having trouble prioritizing tasks? When everything seems important, it can be hard to know what has to be done first. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources and professionals that can teach you how to prioritize.

4. Are you procrastinating? If you're putting off difficult or important tasks because you're intimidated, stop! Instead, break each task down into smaller, manageable steps and get to work.

5. Prioritize: Prioritize which work is more important than the other, and target finishing the more important work versus the less important work.

6. Take a break : Sometimes, simply taking a break from the regular work routine, helps us rejuvenate. You may either take an off and rest at home, go for a spa, or may be take a few days off altogether and go for a family vacation.

7. Exercise Regularly: Exercising regularly helps us maintain high endorphin levels in our body and thereby helping us reduce the stress levels. Apart from maintaining a hormonal balance, exercise is a wonderful way to channelize our energies into the correct direction and help us feel active.

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