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Marriage provides people with a sense of belonging, support, security and responsibility.

NO MARRIAGE IS FREE OF CONFLICT. All married couples will deal with conflict. What enables a couple to endure is how they handle conflicts and manage problems that inevitably arise. Marriage Counselling helps you to explore new ways of thinking, change Maladaptive patterns and learn new skills to work on your relationship.

In couple counselling, the counsellor sees the couple from a neutral third person perspective. since, we assume that no one person is responsible for marital conflicts. Along with working with the couple together we also meet both the partners individually. Both the partners are required to come together for a joint session as well as individual sessions which help them to grow personally as well as together as a couple.


In Couples Counselling, couples are heard and assessed both together and individually. Typically in Couple Counselling, couples are seen individually first, and only after the relationship expert feels both the partners have expressed their concerns and expectations, are they both made to sit together.

Since marriage is an important aspect of life and relationships are delicate, we at The Mind and Wellness Studio ensure that two experts are always present during a couple of sessions, in order to provide the most effective suggestions, suitable to both the partners


Typically couple counselling takes around 3-6 months depending on the severity of the case. However, in severe cases for couples who are short on time, we offer Intensive couple counselling.

Intensive couple counselling

This type of counselling is not for everyone because it requires commitment to therapy. We find intensive couple counselling best suited for these types of couples:

Couples in Crisis - Couples who have gone through any kind of crisis like an affair - ICC is a great way to stabilize very difficult situations and tailoring a plan, which would help addressing all these issues.

Couple have stayed away for long - People who have not felt any emotional attachment with the partner generally do not want to stay with him/her. For them this would be a good option.

Couples facing Challenges working in conjunction with their partners - Some couples are not able to mingle in the partner's lifestyles, which preclude them from being able to come to an agreement.

Couples who feel they are Stuck - When issues get stuck and are causing a lot of damage to the relationship - the length of the intensive sessions help them in getting things moving in a better way.

Couples Who Want To Protect Their Relationship - Some couples come to us who are just beginning to experience problems and feel that they do not want to end this. For such these couples usually 2-3 sessions of ICC will help them move in the direction they want.

Couples on the Brimk of Divorce - When relationships get really bad, generally with people who are about to divorce unwillingly and are hoping for things to get better, Intensive Couples Counseling is a good option and it begins with a thorough assessment which lets you know the likelihood things might work out. With the help of therapy it enables them to come back to a path where they would be likely to make a fresh start.

How long is it ?

The weekly type (Intense) is the initial type of intensive counselling including 5 three hour sessions which are usually over the course of 5 weeks.

The weekend type (More Intense) is a type, which is slightly more intense than the weekly one including 3 consecutive days, totalling 15 hours.

The velocious type (Most Intense) the super intensive counselling, including 2 days a week totalling 12 hours with a 3-hour follow up and it helps the type of couples who are moving out of town.

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