Psychometric Assesment  


Psychometric assessments are a standard and scientific method used to measure individual’s mental capabilities and behavioral style. These assessments are designed to measure candidate’s suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude.

At the Mind and Wellness Studio, we conduct psychometric assessments in the three following categories:

1. Aptitude Tests:

They aim to assess a specific or general set of skills.They attempt to measure trait intelligence and cognitive ability that is indicated by the efficiency of information processing. There are categories that can be found within this group:

• Numerical reasoning test: used to identify how you interpret data and can also be used to assess basic mathematical abilities

• Verbal reasoning test: used as a way to determine your ability to evaluate detailed written information so as to make an informed decision.

• Inductive reasoning test: these require identification of trends or patterns, typically using diagrammatic information.

• Diagrammatic reasoning test: these asses you capacity for logical reasoning, using flow charts and diagrams

• Logical reasoning test: aims to evaluate your skills in reaching a conclusion. As such these tests are known as deductive reasoning tests.

• Error checking test: assesses your ability to quickly identify any errors in complex data sets such as codes or combinations of characters.

2. Skills Tests:

With the use of skills test, employees are evaluated on the speed of learning a new skill. This test shows the competence of the employees in carrying out the job they are applying for.

3. Personality Tests:

These assessments are highlighted to specify personality traits that can indicate suitability for specific roles. These can be in the form of personality questionnaires, leadership tests, motivational tests and situational judgment tests.

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